Top 25 JCB Memes
Photo: Instagram/Sunny Leone

Dinchak Pooja, Priya Prakash, Kardashians, T-Series vs Pewdiepie all are old now! JCB is the real legend ruling all over the internet.

Avengers Endgame, Death of Tony Stark, Lok Sabha elections all are outdated trends. Today, the internet is flooded all over with hashtags like #JCBKiKhudai, #JCBMemes, #JCB etc.

The top trending and viral thing on online media are JCB, but the main question is why? Why JCB is trending all over?

Everyone is talking about ‘What is JCB Ki Khudai?’

Why JCB Meme is Trending in India? Why Everyone is Making Meme on JCB?

To find the real reason behind this trend, we dig the internet thoroughly and guys we got the correct answer. We found the two reasons behind this viral thing:

#1. Sunny Leone: 25th May 2019

#2. A Wedding Video on Twitter: 27th May 2019

#1. Sunny Leone

JCB Memes Sunny Leone
Photo: Instagram/Sunny Leone

On 25th May of this month, movie star Sunny Leone uploaded a pic on Instagram, where she posed with a JCB machine. The photo got viral like fire. As of now, the photo hits around 778,295 likes.

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#2. A Wedding Video on Twitter

On 27th May, a Twitterati shares a wedding video, where a groom come in a JCB in his Procession. Just check out the video below:

So, guys, the reason behind this viral hashtags is been revealed, and now we are sharing the top JCB memes here.

#1. Even the JCB Got More Attention than Rahul Gandhi

JCB Memes
Photo: Twitter/@asbrajeshkumar

#2. National Vehicle of India

#3. My Shona Babu

Best JCB Memes
Photo: Twitter/@How_yu_doin_

#4. Real Reason Behind the Success of ‘Sacred Games’

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#5. Next Big Thing

#6. What Man Wants

JCB Ki Khudai
Photo: Instagram/_jcbmeme_

#7. No Caption Needed

#8. Kids These Days

#9. When You Get Permission

#10. #JCB

#11. JCB is Love

#12. Sunny Paaji

#13. Every Relationship is Incomplete without This

#14. Breaking News!!!

#15. On Weekend

#16. Contribution to JCB Memes

#17. JCB Brother

#18. Me & My Friends

#19. Life Goals

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